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How Long Does It Take For Fingernails to Grow

Posted by admin on March 17th, 2008

Ever wonder how long it takes for fingernails to grow?  Maybe you’re trying to be the next World’s Longest Fingernail record holder.  Maybe you’re nail fell off from a serious accident?  In either case, here are some statistics that can help you determine how long your fingernails grow.

According to CDLIB.org, a collaboration of libraries of the Universities of California, here is a good determinate in finding out the growth rate of fingernails.


William B. Bean studied his own nail growth for 35 years and published
the data in Arch Intern Med, 1974, Vol. 134, 497-502 (30 yrs) and ibid,
1980, Vol. 140, p. 73-76 (35 yrs).  He found that nails grow more slowly
with age; growth rate at age 32 was 0.123mm/day, but by age 67 had decreased
to0.095mm/day.  No variation with geographical location, physical activity,
or season.

Dan Mitchell, MD"

This coincides with stories of people who have injured their nails and given time frames of how long it took for them to grow back.  If you’re relatively young (younger than 67 yrs according to above), you can expect about 2 full months for your fingernail to grow back if it has previously fallen off from injury.

In addition to this, you can take the above data to help you determine how long it might take you to grow your fingernails long enough to beat Lee Redmond’s world record.  As you can see, Ms. Redmond claims a pretty noteworthy record as she has had to continually protect her nails for close to over 30 years!